There is a new world of natural capital assets, ecosystem services and nature-based offsetting solutions that are shaping land-use practices, with opportunities and implications for both landowners and developers. We are at a pivotal moment with society at large becoming increasingly vocal in the Natural Capital debate, whether it be carbon reduction, preservation of our habitats, diversity, or ESG.

There is lots of talk, but also a big demand for information and guidance. The constantly evolving landscape of biodiversity net gain, the introduction of Defra’s Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS), stacking and bundling and the impact green lending could have on decarbonising our built environment are all part of the bigger picture of preserving our planet.

Lodders Solicitors' Biodiversity Webinar welcomes three speakers who will provide insight into various areas of the Natural Capital conversation. In particular, our keynote speaker, Alastair Leake from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, will consider where we are now in relation to ELMS, the overarching issues this scheme causes and what implications these issues might have on landowners. Alastair also plans to touch on what Farmer Clusters are about and their potential for engaging with others to create improvements on a larger landscape scale.

We hope to see you on 11th May where we discuss all of the above and more.