The ongoing saga surrounding Britney Spears' conservatorship has thrown the idea of decision specific capacity into the limelight. Whilst the case relates to the United States legal system, the principles it highlights are very much applicable to the subject of capacity and deputyships in England and Wales.

The #freebritney movement is a powerful collective voice that argues that Britney Spears has been denied her personal freedom and suggests she is under a form of house arrest. Unfortunately, the nuance of the discussion has probably been lost in this social media frenzy and in fact, a blanket "Britney has capacity vs. Britney doesn't have capacity" argument fails to address the key point - the capacity for one decision does not necessarily mean someone has the capacity in relation to a different decision.

The subject of capacity is a complex one and it is always advisable to seek advice whenever dealing with the affairs of someone who lacks / possibly lacks capacity. If you have any queries then please do get in contact.